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You might not think much of the cinder block building on the north side of John Ross road as you drive by, but I had it from a pretty good source that I should check it out.

“Go to Toronto’s” is what he said. I later realized he was talking about a place called “Taranto’s” and that he was right, it was really great food.

Shrimp Platter

Shrimp Platter with Potatoes and Corn

Our party of four decided to find something to eat, and with sketchy directions and hungry stomachs we set off to see what we could find. We got to Taranto’s and found a very kind waitress who let us join up in a booth.

Crawfish: Crawfish are in season already according to my sources. I somewhat prefer early season crawfish as opposed to those late in the year. They seem to be more flavorful, and fewer problems with some of them not making it alive to the pot. I think this time of year makes for a pretty good harvest to pot ratio and that means you get more, fresh mudbugs on your plate for less $$. I’m pretty on board with saving some change when I have a chance. So enough about the logistics, how did they taste? They were seasoned exceptionally. They had a garlic, and jalapeno pepper mix in the boil, and although they were spicy, they weren’t overpowering hot.

The crawfish were spot on. I’ve had them every way from too bland, to making you cry from the heat… These were dead on. A little kick, but not too hot to share with the kids.

Food: Everything we had was fresh, tasty and full of flavor. No bland food here. Even my hamburger on a Po-boy bun was delicious. I didn’t think the patty was exceptionally special, but it was a way that I’d never had a burger, and I’d do it again. I highly recommend the mixed peppers and fried pickles with which to get started.

Taranto's in Woolmarket

Great spot for casual dinner out in Woolmarket

Atmosphere: Everyone want’s to say their place is a legitimate dive. This one, in my opinion is a dive. It’s off the beaten path, you’d have to be looking for it but it’s great. Not overly decorated, but there are cool things like old 45’s on the wall and a real home owned feel to the joint.

Service: Our server was great. She never missed a beat and had everything we asked for. I dare say she’s been doing this a while, and was expert in getting us our food out quickly and refills on our drinks in a hurry.

Overall I’d say if you want a spot to go kick back and enjoy some boiled crawfish or shrimp – this might be your best bet in the area.


12404 John Lee Rd.
Biloxi, MS 39532
Price: $$

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