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Bob’s Burger Factory on Courthouse Road in Gulfport opened yesterday. We don’t always show up for openings and try and let restaurants get some kinks worked out before we do a post Bobs Burger Factoryor review. Bob’s Burger factory however was smooth as silk on our inaugural visit.

a delicious monthly burger featureIt’s a ‘order at the counter’ joint with lots of meat on the menu. We ordered a bacon cheese burger and the featured burger the Estes. The decor and atmosphere was comfortable and familiar feeling, even though this was day #2 in existence. It’s named after owner Bob Taylor, who transformed the old High Cotton Grill location into a lunch friendly location. The years of restaurant experience seem apparent. Ordering and getting food quickly seem to be par for the course. But quick doesn’t mean anything if the food isn’t good, right?

So let’s get back down to the food. These burgers, are they any good? What makes them different or better?

Bacon Cheesburger from Bob's Burger Factory

The certified Angus 80/20 blend was moist and full of flavor.  Overall I thought they were a home run. I have a feeling this place will stay pretty packed.

Food: Original, tasty and came out of the kitchen piping hot. I loved the batter on the onion rings, it was spicy, a little salty and just the right amount of crunch. The burger came on a white bread bun, and while I prefer wheat it worked well with the sauce and meat.  The tomato and lettuce came on the bottom of the burger, not on the top… I don’t know if that was intentional but it didn’t seem to effect the taste much!

Atmosphere: I’m pretty impressed with the atmosphere of this place. Being brand new, they did a pretty good job of making you feel liked it’s an established brand. I liked that about it. The booths were comfy, and the place had a good vibe. I’ve heard before that ambiance is called people in seats… I’d say this had it.

Service: I was glad to see that even with the brand new nature of the business, the service was great. I’ve been to may places in the first 2 weeks and had to give a mulligan on service… hoping they’d get the kinks worked out soon. The service was spot on… I asked to speak to a manager at one point, and I had one in 2 minutes at my table eager to help.

Have you visited Bob’s Burger Factory? Tell us what you thought!!

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